The making of "The Wind", a film by Johan Planefeldt

I have shot BTS (Behind The Scenes) footage and interviewed the team responsible for "The Wind", a stunning film project which approaches the world of Somatics and the subconscious realm on fiction. The Making Of material was produced for funding purposes, in order to give continuity to the project and the topics it aims to explore on film. Johan Planefeldt who directed, shot and edited "The Wind" is an award-winning Swedish film maker and cinematographer with a background in fine arts. His films are recognized for having a strong visual language that explores physicality, embodiment and the alteration of states. 

The film was premiered by May 2016 in Rausch Kino, in Berlin and is starting it´s journey on film festivals. 


SHELTERS: a collaboration with the Hochschule Konstanz

Lately I have collaborated with the Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG) to document an ambitious semester long project aiming to integrate the new community of refugees and asylum seekers in our society with the young generation. SHELTERS is born out of a cooperation between the region Baden-Württemberg in Germany and the region Dohuk in North Iraq, directed to develop projects in the fields of Arquitecture and Design to find solutions for a better community with the community itself. Throughout the project term, men and women from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan were invited to take part on workshops at the University in order to provide them basic tools within an activity and share feedback with students and professors.

I was brought to the project at the second half of it´s term so I got to be in contact mostly with women at the sewing workshop. In a matter of days, I saw these women having a first contact with these tools - since most of them never worked or had an activity before - learning how does it work to simply follow the steps to produce something, until the point they are coming to us with their sewed rocks, bag packs or wallets, proud to show what they just made by their own. At the end of the project it was incredibly grateful to see our motto taking action and realize how creativity goes beyond any difference of gender, culture or race. 

The documented video was ordered for exposure and promotion purposes to reach further support for development of the project. Though further documented footage as interviews to the women and their stories told will be released at the official launch of SHELTERS´s website, by mid April.


Official launch of IXDS labs

Last week was the official launch of IXDS labs which took place at the IXDS Berlin´s headquarters, having hosted over 500 attendees. I had much fun documenting it, while getting to know inside stories about how this new platform was born and where is it leading to. 

IXDS Labs is a platform with a new approach to innovation, where startup culture meets design and prototyping. It enables entrepreneurs and large organizations to adopt an agile mindset and establish startup culture within their teams. Get a first hand overview here:

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An overview of AFFECT the Artistic Program of Agora Collective

I´ve been collaborating with Agora Collective, an interdisciplinary project space in Berlin Neukölln, producing feedback videos as an overview of AFFECT Program 2015. AFFECT is supported by the EU Creative Europe Programme and consists of a 5-month-long program of five consecutive modules each led by an international artist, who invites participants to collectively explore a topic and develop a set of practices and research methodologies over the period of one month, hosted by Agora Collective. Get a first hand overview here:

AFFECT is currently accepting candidates for it´s 3rd Edition! For more info related check


Like Knows Like

I found this project online about a year ago, at a time when I was brainstorming on a documentary series in Berlin, an independent project I´ve started. Like Knows Like is made of dutch filmmaker Bas Berkhout and photographer Marije Kuiper who decided to make personal short-documentaries about people they admire, talents of the digital world. The clear format and the visual language of their videos is what makes me identity of this side-project, while getting to know each protagonist behind their work through very simple questions. Here is one of my fav videos:

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