About me

I am a Videographer and a passionate analogue Photographer based in Berlin. I hold a degree in Cinematography, having studied Film at the ESTC in Lisbon and at the FAMU in Prague.           I've moved to Berlin by mid 2012 to build work experience and an inspiring network. Since then, I have initiated on set as a camera assistant for television, music videos and commercials, to then take on commissioned work as a Cinematographer and all-round Filmmaker for clients such as Boiler Room, Zoomin TVJung von Matt, Piranha Records, etc.

With a documentary based focus to expose projects and initiatives that positively impact our community, I have collaborated with educational institutions across Germany (dBs Berlin, Hochschule Konstanz) and engaged with Berlin-based collectives and individuals (Agora Collective, Nowhere Kitchen, Foodculture Days) to empower their story. 

I am a very curious person always searching for the big picture, so I usually ask a lot. I love to collaborate. Most of the projects on my portfolio are based on collaborative work. I look forward to meeting people and communities that inspire me in my path, with whom I can engage on projects or just exchange meaningful feedback. 

Feel free to contact me if you would like to work together or if you have any questions!

- Rita


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