Unearth Your Hidden Gem

In our second gem feature, photographer David, reveals how overcoming his own fears of connecting with others, has helped him unearth a hidden passion that serves a bigger purpose.

Projekt Glitter is on a mission to unearth all our hidden gems and help us sparkle sustainably with plant based glitter. 🌱

Stay tuned for our next gem release! In the meantime, sparkle from the inside-out with www.projektglitter.com  ✨ #unearthyourhiddengem

Creative Director Temi Hollist Rest Cinematography & Editing Rita Couto Camera operators Svea Immel, Masih Tajzai, Nickolas Menescal, Rita Couto Makeup Artist Inez Homeister Music CC-BY-3.0 Dream Jungle by Memeshift, Waikiki by Blackbird Blackbird Sound mix Jonny Zoum Motion graphics James Barry

Produced by Rita Couto Featuring Heart Chor – The Musical Powered by Projekt Glitter

Special thanks to Heart Chor, David Gauffin, Saskia Kolbach, Anna Schwarz, Nicolò Belli, Filip Süt Rutkowski, Danilo Timm, Kevin Klein, Emilia Kurylowicz, Teresa Marinho, Zirkus Mond, Yorck Studio, dBs Berlin