KALTBLUT magazine feat. Magic Island on Tour in Hell

My most recent collaboration just got featured in KALTBLUT magazine and it’s an honor.

This summer, I joined the talented experimental pop artist Magic Island on her tour through Greece, to capture a first time ever behind-the-scenes of her journey with my 35mm camera. For a while, I had the chance to experience what it feels like to be on tour and the emotional extremes that come with it – from being alone to surrounded by a crowd while in transit.

The outcome is an intimate photo diary that portrays a glimpse of Magic Island a.k.a Emma Czerny’s life, alongside a written review in first hand of my experience during this time, especially it being my first time visiting Greece in the hottest month of the year…

Have a look at the full story featured here >>> Magic Island on Tour in Hell

For an actual insight of this story’s journey in a timeline, check my Instagram highlights


Written and photographed by Rita Couto in collaboration with Magic Island and Johnny Labelle

Edited by Dee Cunning