What's Your Hidden Gem?

By the end of Spring, I caught up with Jeen who runs Projekt Glitter, a biodegradable glitter brand raising awareness on the environmental issue of micro plastics to a broader like minded audience, to brainstorm on a new collaboration. Jeen had started her brand three years before with the motto “sparkle sustainably“, when she noticed that all the fun wearing (traditional) glitter in parties and summer festivals was not that responsible after all.

I have actually met Jeen at the farewell party of Agora Collective, the community I had been part of, we were introduced by a friend who teamed up with her on a mission to glitter everyone around. Later on, when we met to brainstorm on a piece of branded content, we realised how much resources we already had just by sharing a common network. Until recently, Projekt Glitter has been sponsoring the amazing initiative of Heart Chor, a forty-member choir brought together by professional vocal coach and friend Danilo Timm, who turned amateurism to the level awesomeness. The stories of people who have joined the movement (of Projekt Glitter), who have been responsibly spreading joy with glitter were already at our reach, and when we found out that Heart Chor was ambitiously producing a musical performance in a circus, we decided to take over.

In the meantime, storyteller and talented peer Temi Hollist Rest jumped on board to draw a campaign, which would best represent the brand’s values, while featuring the stories that we wanted to tell. The outcome was quite simple: a series of 1 minute films each unearthing one’s hidden gem. A gateway to inspire and remind the viewer that once we are aware of ourselves, we can be aware of the world around us and… sparkle sustainably.

Creative Director Temi Hollist Rest Cinematography & Editing Rita Couto Camera operators Svea Immel, Masih Tajzai, Rita Couto Makeup Artist Inez Homeister Music CC-BY-3.0 Dream Jungle by Memeshift, Waikiki by Blackbird Blackbird Sound mix Jonny Zoum Motion graphics James Barry

Produced by Rita Couto Featuring Heart Chor – The Musical Powered by Projekt Glitter

Special thanks to Heart Chor, Saskia Kollbach, Elena Mika, Joice Biazoto, Filip Süt Rutkowski, Danilo Timm, Nickolas Menescal, Morgan Sully, Kevin Klein, Emilia Kurylowicz, Teresa Marinho, Zirkus Mond, Yorck Studio, dBs Berlin