Switch OFF the Flashmob

Switch OFF is a collective project that aims to bring awareness in form of a Flashmob.



On the 5th of October 2013, we decided to switch off and slow down the daily rush through Movement Meditation, in one of the most hectic places in Berlin – Alexanderplatz. This was the second Flashmob we set in Berlin under Switch Off wing, a 30-minute long meditation.


Concept           Ulrike Kretzmer
Directing          Rita Couto
Graphics          Jakob Jordan

Camera 1          Paul Alpha
Camera 2          Jonas Niemann
Camera 3          Autumn Loveday
Camera 4          Ana Ramos
Editing               Rita Couto
Sound design   Otto Pinto


On the 21st of December 2012 we decided to switch off and to slow down the rush hour of Berlin through Movement Meditation, in the central station Hauptbahnhof. We gathered everyone; from those who never meditated before, to those who regularly meditate, to join us in one moment.

We were synchronised with the World in collaboration with unify.org for silence, sound and imagination.


Concept    Ulrike Kretzmer
Camera      Rita Couto, Masaya Kato, Paul Alpha
Editing        Rita Couto
Graphics    Jakob Jordan