dBs Dialogues at dBs Berlin

I was comissioned by dBs, a Music and Film school based at Funkhaus Berlin, to promote their monthly series called dBs Dialogues, an initiative to open up conversation around the issues that affect students and their futures; joining dBs staff and peers from the Music and Film industry.

I have teamed up with dBs staff and dBs students to cover the full event and produce highlights content for exposure in social media channels. 


For a full review of each panel, please find here:

dBs Dialogues on Living and Working with Others

dBs Dialogues on The Myth of the Creative Genius

dBs Dialogues on Harm Reduction in the Creative Industries


Production: dBs Berlin

Director: Rita Couto

Camera: Tumi Valdimarsson, Ilias Merabiha

Sound: Jonny Zoum

Video Editor: Rita Couto


January 2018